Have you ever tried to do a boot camp or even heard about it? If so, you know that it is a high-intensity training program to build strength and take your fitness game to the next level. But how about if we tell you that your dog can also get into a boot camp? And it is considered one of the best ways to train your dog in less amount of time.

This is a great choice if you struggle to control your dog or if he has behavioral issues. It also works for those owners that don’t have enough time to train their dogs. Different companies have been developing dog boot camp plans that have different options, but in the end, their main goal is to provide you a confident and well-trained dog.

What Is A Dog Boot Camp?

It is a customized program that can last anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months. Dogs go to training sessions and work with multiple trainers to make sure that they respond to commands of different people and not only behave well around one person. That also teaches them how to socialize and be comfortable around unfamiliar people.

They get to socialize with other dogs which helps them to be friendly around other canines. The trainers use positive reinforcement and your dog has to be well-trained before graduating from the boot camp. You will also get to observe how your dog responds to the commands he learned during the training.

How Do I Know If My Dog Needs a Boot Camp?

If you are experiencing any of these situations consider it:

  • Your dog is experiencing aggressive behavior.
  • You don’t have enough time to train your dog.
  • Your dog has a destructive behavior.
  • Your dog doesn’t get along well with other dogs or unfamiliar people.
  • Your dog suffers from anxiety.
  • Your dog barks too much.

Does My Dog Need To Go To a Training Camp?

This depends on the company you choose, the programs they offer, and of course your preferences. Your dog can receive the training sessions at the training camp of the company you choose, and when the studio closes at night your dog can go to the home of one of the certified trainers.

The company can also pick your dog at your home, that way they can check what is the home environment of your dog and discuss specific issues with you. Then the trainer takes the dog to his home and starts working on the training. The length of the stay depends on your dog’s needs.

If you prefer your dog to stay at your home, you can check for the in-home training programs that several companies offer.

Several owners think that in-board training means they are going to miss their dog, but the trainers will send you photos and videos of your pet through Facebook, text message, and you can make phone calls, the best part of this is that you’ll be able to check the progress of your dog.

What Are The Benefits Of A Dog Boot Camp?

  • Your dog will learn simple but effective commands.
  • Your dog will follow certain rules such as sitting until released to eat, waiting at open doors, laying down, etc.
  • Certain unwanted behavior can also be addressed in this type of training program like excessive barking.
  • The dog will know how to socialize with other canines and unfamiliar people.
  • If your dog is extremely destructive or is always chewing things at home, this type of problem can also be addressed at the dog boot camp.
  • Underlying issues such as an aggressive dog or a fearful one can be solved on a boot camp.
  • The training sessions for your dog are customized according to his breed, age, size, and temperament.
  • Your dog will learn how to feel comfortable in different environments like parks, veterinary offices, etc.
  • Your dog is going to be in a comfortable space that stimulates his own environment at home.
  • Your dog will be trained by more than 2 different trainers so that way he doesn’t get attached to one person and when he returns at home he will respond to your commands as well.
  • The boot camp is able to address any serious phobia disorder that your dog may suffer.
  • The boot camp allows your dog to be well-trained in just a fraction of the time it will take to train him.

What Happens After My Dog Graduates From The Boot Camp?

On certain programs, you are able to make a list of goals that you would love your dog to achieve during the boot camp. Once the boot camp ends, you will check a demonstration of your dog in which you will know all the commands he learned and what are the behaviors he has now. The trainer will talk to you about what you need to do to maintain your dog’s behavior.

Certain programs include a boarding program to reinforce what your dog learned on the boot camp. You can also receive lessons at your home to assure the changes in your dog’s behavior are long-lasting. The trainers will suggest a routine that you should apply to your dog, how to transfer the respect to you and provide you guidance for as long as you need to. Please keep in mind that not all of the programs offer this.


Training a dog is not an easy job, especially when you don’t enough time to do it. But here is where you can enjoy great choices such as a dog boot camp, an intense training program that will allow you to have a well-trained and confident dog, in just a fraction of the time it will take you to do it. Your dog will have professional trainers that will make him feel like at his own home, and teach him how to respond to commands, follow basic rules, and learn to socialize with other dogs in order to become a friendly canine.

The dog boot camp does the hard part for you and will provide you guidance and lessons to keep the results for a long time.